PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain Review 2019

drinkwell platinum pet fountain

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The Drinkwell Platinum pet fountain is a smart product to encourage your cat to drink more water. By drinking more it helps preventing health risks from dehydration, not to mention that the sound of running water is soothing and relaxing.

The water is filtered by a replaceable charcoal filter to keep the water clean and free of debris. The activated carbon replacement filters are made of coconut shells. The coconut shells are carbonized and then carbon is activated by adding back oxygen, creating a material for absorption. Activated carbon absorbs water contaminants and chemicals like chlorine from tap water. This removes odors and improves the taste of the basic drinking water.

The patented, free-falling stream aerates the water with oxygen for freshness. It does not need to get connected to a water line so it’s perfect for indoor use. Constant circulation combined with the filtering technique prevents bacteria growth in between cleanings. The unit comes with a new kind of submersible pump for a more silent operation and it allows you to adjust the water flow level with a control valve.


Key Features
– Patented free-falling water stream that aerates and oxygenates the water
– Holds 168 fluid ounces of water (~1.3 gallons or ~5 liters)
– Replaceable activated carbon filter that removes impurities, bad tastes and odors
– Pre-filter to catch hair or large particles before they reach the pump
– Snap-on lid to prevent accidental removal by cats
– Dimensions: 11″ x 16″ x 10.5″
– Weight: 3.2 pounds
– BPA free durable plastic
– Adjustable water flow with control valve
– New type of submersible pump for quiet usage
– Low-voltage, 12V system for safe operation
– AC power adaptor with 6ft long power cord
– Built-in reservoir that makes refills easy
– Easily disassembles for easy cleaning

drinkwell platinum pet fountain

– Easy to set up and operate
– Quiet submersible pump
– Encourages cat to drink more
– Modern design
– Easy to disassemble and clean
– Don’t tip over easily
– Made of BPA-free plastic
– Big water capacity (168 Oz.)

– Need to clean and change filters often
– Motor noise can scare away some particularly nervous cats

Tips if you choose this item
– You might want to refill the unit completely once a week.
– Regular cleaning makes your fountain last longer.
– Use mat that fits right under the unit, this will absorb the spills and prevent the unit from slipping on the wet floor.
– If you hear loud noises from the motor, make sure that the unit is filled with water.
– Setup the drinkwell platinum pet fountain with a timer if you don’t want it to run all the time.


See the fountain in action

The Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain by PetSafe is the best selling cat fountain and it’s not by accident. The unit is fulfilling all the demands, it encourages your cat to drink more water and keeps the water fresh and clean over a longer period of time. If you want to surprise your cat with a fountain, I would highly recommend it. Especially when you notice that he tends to drink from dribbling faucets. If you are willing to clean the unit often and change the filters from time to time, it can be an awesome toy for your cat and you can keep him hydrated and healthy at the same time.

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