How much water should your dog drink?

Most of the dog owners just refill their pet’s water bowl when it’s needed and that’s usually okay, but do you actually know how much water does your dog drink daily? Providing sufficient water is absolutely essential for your dog’s health, so it can be a good idea to monitor your dog’s water intake. It can prevent or predict a lot of serious illnesses caused by dehydration or over-drinking.


The daily water intake can depend on variety of factors, such as activity, average temperature and even the type of food can affect the needs of your dog. You may have noticed that after a longer walk or a particurarly tiring trip your dog tends to drink much more water than on a relaxed day. That’s because it needs to refill the lost water to dissolve and carry the substances throughout the body. Naturally the temperature is another important factor, though they don’t sweat visibly as humans, the raised temperature and especially the summer heat can affect them and when they lose too much water their fluid balance may become unsteady.

A less known factor is the food you provide for them. If your dogs are eating primarily dry food they may need more water than the average recommended daily intake to compensate the lack of moisture in their diet. I highly recommend an appropriate, rich-in-moisture diet, that way your dogs will get some water with their food with each meal.


Knowing the average daily water needs of your dog and keeping an eye on the amount of water your dog drinks is really important, because unusual behavior can be an indicator of serious illness. Dogs that are tend not to drink enough water may have parvovirus, leptospirosis or pancreatitis, while dogs that are over-drinking may suffer from bladder infection or metabolic problems. If you notice the signs you should immediately go to your vet and rule out any underlying condition.

Keep in mind that puppies need to drink regularly, in every couple of hours, only small amounts of water. It’s important to closely monitor their water intake and encourage them to drink if it is necessary. They need about a 1/2 cup in every two hours but it can depend on the breed of the

The numbers
On the average a healthy dog needs to drink about
1/2 to 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight every day.
1 ounce ~ 0,03 liter
1 pound ~ 0,45 kg
So a relatively large, healthy 60-pound dog should be drinking between 30 and 60 ounces, or about 1/4 to 1/2 gallon of water daily.

Tips to help, otherwise healthy, under-drinkers:

  • Praise them and use treats every time they drink
  • Switch to canned dog food for a moisture rich diet
  • Keep water near to his bed and near to his food. Place more than one water bowls in your home.
  • Buy a pet fountain, the sound of the running water can naturally encourage your dog to drink more water.

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