Tips to Get Your Cat to Drink More Water

If you are an experienced cat owner then you know that cats don’t need as much water as other pets, yet you have to always provide them fresh water, preferably multiple sources of clean and cool drinking water. Water is essential in dissolving and carrying important substances throughout the body. Staying hydrated is the most important key to keep all of your pets healthy.

tips to get your cat to drink more

So if being hydrated is really that important then why cats tend to drink far less water than other pets? The answer is in their natural behavior, unlike domesticated cats, wild felines rarely drink water, because they obtain nearly all of their water from their moisture rich freshly killed prey, from small mammals, rodents, birds and insects.  They can provide enough water to cats, because the bodies of these animals can contain between 70 and 80 percentage of water fluid.  However our domesticated cats usually don’t hunt anymore so we have to compensate their water intake.

The daily water needs depend on a variety of factors, you can read about how much a healthy cat should drink in one of our previous articles, but the point is that you can prevent serious illnesses by trying to get your cat to drink more water. Illnesses caused by dehydration can severely damage your pet’s internal organs, especially the kidneys, the liver and the heart. By monitoring your cat’s daily water intake you can keep him healthy and hydrated.

Cats can be stubborn and a bit too independent, so how can we encourage them to drink more? Here are some of the best tricks and tips to get your cat to drink more water.

  • Provide multiple sources of water
    Place multiple water bowls all around in your home. Don’t put a bowl near to their litter box, and keep in mind that some cats don’t like to drink water near to the place where they eat.

cat eating dry food

  • Switch to canned food
    If you feed them with dry food and you think that your cats may not drink enough water, try to give them canned food. Veterinarians recommend switching to canned food, because it’s rich in moisture, but you can also add water to dry food just to see how your cat reacts to the new diet.
  • Filter the water
    Some cats don’t like the taste of the tap water because they can taste the harmless chemicals in it. It might be a good idea to filter the drinking water before you fill their bowl.
  • Put ice cubes in the water bowl
    They might enjoy ice cubes in their water, especially in hot weather. While your cats will find it entertaining the cubes will keep the water cold.
  • Flavor the water with catnip 
    If your pet is a fan of the catnip then he will love the new flavor of the water.
  • Use stainless steel or ceramic bowl 
    The water will remain fresh longer in bowls made of ceramic or stainless steel. These materials will keep the water tastier and you won’t need to clean the dishes very often.

cat drinks from faucet

  • Invest in a pet fountain
    Have you ever noticed that your cats like to play with dribbling or leaking faucets?Then the best way to supply their water requirements is to purchase a drinking water fountain. The sight and the sound of the moving water will naturally entice your cats, meanwhile they will drink a healthy amount of water every day. It’s a smart solution to ensure your pets stay hydrated while they will enjoy their new toy.

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