5 Summer Dangers for Your Cats in the Heat

When we talk about the potential dangers of summer we tend to focus mainly on dogs, but don’t forget that all animals are equally exposed to the hot weather. It seems that cats do a better job of taking care about themselves, but their supposed independence can be deceiving. Your cat needs your extra attention on hot summer days. The heat can make them easily stressed and they can become very uncomfortable. Even cats that don’t go outside can be exposed to the dangers of the changing circumstances.

1) Heat stroke
The most common danger of the summer months for most of our pets is the rising temperature. With enough clear drinking water, a shady area and proper air conditioning you can prevent this potentially lethal condition. Additionally always watch out for early symptoms, such as drooling, vomiting, loud painting and weakness. Heat stroke is caused by the sudden rising of body temperature to a dangerously high level, it’s treated by slowly bringing your cat’s body temperature down. When you detect some of the symptoms you need to get your cat to a vet as soon as possible.

summer dangers cat


2) Dehydration
Dehydration is a very real threat to our cats in the summer and can go together with heat stroke. Cats are more prone to drink minimal water, so it can be a big risk to your cat’s health. In nature the sound and the motion of the running water has an encouraging effect to drink more on the hot days, but when your cat stay indoors you need to make sure that your cat drinks enough water to keep itself cool and hydrated. One of the best ways to provide tempting source of drinking water is a cat-fountain. It imitates the natural water sources and can be a great fun to your pet.

3) Poisoning
Outdoor cats are more at risk of injuries and illnesses even if your cat only walks in your own garden. Some garden products may seem innocent at first sight but they can be extremly dangerous to your pets. Lawn and pool chemicals, fertilizers, weed control products, snail pellets and even a number of plants, such as lilies, can be poisonous to cats. To prevent these accidents be sure that your garden is cat-friendly. If your cat goes outside a lot you can make a little catnip garden for distraction and for fun.

summer dangers cat

4) Insect bites and stings
During the summer dangerous insects such as bees, wasps, fleas, ticks and others are at their peak. Keeping your cat indoors most of the times reduces the risk, but you may want to check around your home and your garden for beehives, wasp nests and other potentially dangerous hazards. If your cat goes outside from time to time you need to use some kind of tick and flea control product. Ask your vet about the best ways to protect your cat and never use a dog product on a cat. The chemicals formulated specially for dogs can be very toxic and lethal for cats.

5) Hot surfaces
Though you usually don’t walk your cat on the sidewalk as your dog, you need to look out for extremely hot surfaces even in your garden. Test your pavement by pressing your hand against the surface for 30 seconds, if it’s painfully for you, it can burn the paw pads of your cat. To avoid this painful experience let your cat out only in the cooler hours, in the morning or in the evening when the surfaces are already cooled down.

summer dangers cat

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