5 Signs Your Cat Needs a Pet Fountain

Have you heard about pet fountains? At first you might think it’s a fancy but otherwise useless luxury item and that a water bowl is more than enough to provide fresh water for your cats. However as you read about these units a bit more and you realize how these drinking fountains work, you will find them useful and practical.

With a cat fountain you can prevent diseases caused by dehydration. A water fountain satisfies your cat’s urge for fresh, running water and encourages them to get the proper hydration essential to their health. The sound and the sight of the stream produced by the fountain entices cats, because it imitates the natural water sources in the wild. In addition the fountain continuously circulate and filter the water providing fresh, clean and cool water.

cat fountain

But how can you recognize that your cat needs to drink more water and that he will enjoy a cat fountain? Here are the most common signs that your cat may need a drinking water fountain:

1)Playing with water

If you notice that your cat likes to play with the water in his water bowl, slaps or even pours out water on the floor then you can be sure that he would love a pet fountain. It’s the same thing when your cats like to play or even drink  from a dripping faucet. The sound and the sight of the moving water in the fountain will hypnotize your cats.

cat fountain 2

2)Not drinking enough 

Dehydration can cause serious diseases, if you notice that your cat doesn’t drink as much water as before you will need to encourage them.  One way to entice them to the water is making it interesting and as they will examine their new fountain and plays with the stream, you can be sure that they will drink from it.

3)Decreased skin elasticity

Skin elasticity is the easiest way to check your cat’s hydration level. Just pull up some skin on his neck and release it. The skin of a healthy and well-hydrated cat will bounce back to  normal easily and quickly, while the skin of a cat with dehydration will stay in a stiff peak for several seconds before slowly receding. If you experience dehydration on this level you must consult with a veterinarian on how you can hydrate your cat as fast as possible.

cat fountain 3

4)Drinking water only after a refill

Make sure that their water is fresh and clean and doesn’t taste bad. Water bowls can’t keep the water fresh and cool as long as a fountain can, especially when the bowl made of plastic. In addition a cat fountain can also continually purify the drinking water.

5)Increased urination 

Cats need to take in water to replace what they lose. If your cat is losing an abnormal amount of water through urination then he is in high risk for being dehydrated. Increased urination can also weaken your cat’s internal organs and can be a sign of a serious illness such as diabetes. To replace the lost water it’s essential to encourage them to drink more fresh water. With a pet fountain you can entice them to the water while they will enjoy the cold and clear moving stream.

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