Dear Kitten: A Wise Cat Shares His Knowledge

Your cat might see the world entirely differently than you would think. Do you always wanted to know the life from your pet’s point of view? Here’s your chance! With the aid of a little imagination this video will let you hear an older cat’s personal thoughts on the world of humans as he passes his knowledge on to the next generation.


Our much older and wiser teacher speaks about his childhood and helps the naive kitten with his experiences, although we find out soon enough that he was way cuter. We learn how he made new friends and how they teached them even if they were not always the best role models. – Rest in peace Maximilian! But don’t forget about Cornelius who showed him how to be patient and how to stare for a really long time without blinking… like a REALLY long time! We see how he acquired such amazing skills as cage-fighting, karate and ninja-like sneak attacks. He also shares his most important lesson about the best type of cat food, so listen carefully!

Watch his wisdom here:

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